Shell Oil Credit Card

No matter where you look these days you are going to see that pretty much every single gas station that is worth anything has their own special gas card. This shouldn't really come as a surprise when we consider the rising costs of oil therefore affecting the prices of gasoline. Gas stations are all practically scrambling trying to think up ways to keep their patrons buying gasoline from their pumps instead of them going across the road because of a one cent difference. The Shell Corporation is no different from the rest as they have to also scramble to keep people coming back to their gas pumps. They started their Shell Oil Credit Card as a way to offer incentives to its patrons and it seems to actually be doing well for them.

They actually have two versions of their Shell Oil Credit Card. One is the "Drive for Five" Card and the other is the "Shell Select Member" Card. They had another one but it has been discontinued. Here we just want to give a quick rundown on the two options that are presented for the Shell Oil Credit Card. This way, we believe you will be able to know what you are getting into if you should choose to get the Shell Oil Credit Card. Let's now take a look at the two card types, shall we?


Shell Oil Credit Card "Drive for Five"

If you buy anywhere between 45-100 gallons of gasoline with your Shell Oil Credit Card within the month, you will be given 5¢ per gallon savings which are given to you as a statement credit at the end of the month. In layman's terms, you will receive a $5 credit for the entire month if you at least use your card to buy 100 gallons of gasoline. Honestly, this is rather weak and that's putting it way too nicely we think. Not to mention, this is actually supposed to be their big draw on this particular card.


Shell Oil Credit Card "Shell Select Members"

Now this is where the rubber really hits the road so to speak. This card really goes all out to give you so many savings and rewards. We will just list a few of the top ones here so that you can get an idea of what to expect.

10% cash back on hotels and motels.

5% cash back on airlines.

5% cash back on car rentals.

Select Member's toll-free number.

Travel Reservation Services.

Hotel discounts.

Insurance protection

$1,000 emergency cash and/or prepaid airline ticket.

There's really so much more to the "Shell Select Members" Card that we can't really just get fully into all the details right here.

Now you have the two Shell Oil Credit Card options broken down for you in a very simple to understand way. Make sure to check them out in more detail on their website. If we had to suggest one for you it would of course be the Shell Select Members version because it really gives you a lot more for your time and money invested.